Learn how to use the app in 5 steps

Step 1

Fix your trip’s preferences, such as departure time, preferred modes of transport, etc.

Step 2

Long tap on the map, or tap on your location,  or use the search bar  to set the start and the end point of your trip.


Step 3

Select  mode of transport between public, car, walking, car-public

Step 4

See your route’s details and directions


Step 5

Discover nearby stops using the augmented reality (AR) feature. Get informed about a stop’s itinerary by taping on the stop


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MMRP v1.0 Notes

MMRP v1.0 is ready but not yet perfect due to some data issues. For more info read below...

  • Trips from Puglia to Greece

    This version supports routing from Puglia to Western Greece, or within Puglia, or within Western Greece

  • Stop names in Western Greece

    The stop names in Western Greece are currently offered only in Greek. Moreover, some names still need to be fixed. An updated data set that will fix these issues is expected soon

  • Note

    Due to the aformentioned problems with the current data set as well as due to lack of complete data in certain areas, the application may return some strange results

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